Prodotti senza glutine erogabili

ATTENTION this method of payment is allowed only for celiac customers residing in Emilia Romagna. Before proceeding, verify that this policy matches.

1. Proceed with the choice of items you want to buy and put them in the cart

2. click on the green button proceed to the checkout

3. make sure that the data entered FIRST AND LAST NAME are the same as the owner of the health card with which you intend to pay. It is possible to pay the same expense with multiple health cards, in this case it is necessary to specify in the notes exactly ALL the names and surnames of the owners of the cards with which you intend to pay the expense bill.

4. select payment method HEALTH CARD REGION EMILIA ROMAGNA

5. You will receive the order confirmation by email along with the file that contains the shipping label. Print the label.

6. prepare the envelope for shipping to our point of sale of your health card and indicate nr. order and no. telephone number if different from the one indicated on the order. Use a yellow envelope with PLURIBAL (to protect content) in A5 format if possible. Enter your health card and a sheet with your phone number in the envelope in case we need it to contact you.

7. in the following 24 hours our courier will come directly to your house and will wither the envelope. Shipping is tracked for greater protection and has an additional cost of €2.90

8. At the time of care your health card will arrive in our point of sale we will prepare the shipment as soon as possible. Usually in the following 48-72 hours the package will be at its destination and will contain the health card used for the transaction together with the tax receipt of the expense with any indication of your remaining credit that can be spent.

9. SHIPMENTS THROUGHOUT EMILIA ROMAGNA - Orders over 90.00 euros free shipping (only cost euro 2.90 for health card management) - Minimum order 50.00 euros with shipping cost of 5.90 + euro 2.90 per card management.

A negotiating table has been opened with the Emilia Romagna Region to allow celiacs to pay online with a health card. To date, unfortunately, the region does not allow the possibility to offer customers this method of payment directly online (although it would already be technically available). We are still working to obtain it as soon as possible at no additional cost to give you a service that we consider necessary for this type of food.

In the meantime, in order to spend the credit on the health card, we have developed this procedure that extends delivery by a couple of days but allows you to do your shopping online by paying for the products that can be dispensed with a health card, spending in addition only 2.90 euros for the costs of managing the health card alone.

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